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Sep 23, 2019

Being born into a family of influential doctors and even marrying one; medicine was never just a career choice, but rather a way of life and a natural passion for Dr. Ludmila Vasiliev. Being a scientist and a visionary, she saw the cracks in Modern Medicine from very early on in her career. She strongly believed that medicine should equate to Healing, not just suppress symptoms. She discovered the principle of Optimum Disease, showing that any sickness is not suffering but a way of Healing. Her strong beliefs propelled her to study and master Traditional Medicine through the science of Iridology, Homeopathy, Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda in addition to her Doctorate in Modern Medicine and a Ph.D. in Cardiology with Stereo Mathematics and Quantum Physics, to recognize that life and Health are based on energy flow.

She initiated the process of recognizing Traditional Medicine as a legal system at the time and became the first Doctor in Ukraine to have a legal license to practice Homeopathy. While working as a General Practitioner and a Consultant for the State University Hospital in Donetsk, Ukraine, Dr. Ludmila also conceived and established the pioneering medical concept of Holistic Healing Medicine that combined Western Science with Eastern Wisdom.

She founded her first Homeopathic Centre in Ukraine, which later expanded to several branches throughout Ukraine and Russia. After several years of successful practice, she discovered the high potential of the UAE’s ability for Health Regeneration and thus initiated the process of recognizing Traditional Medicine in the UAE. She then became the first officially licensed Doctor by the Ministry of Health, practicing Homeopathy in Dubai.

From this moment the Oncology clinic that was ran by her husband Dr. Sergey Vassiliev was converted into the Holistic Healing Medical Center to implement the Holistic Healing Lifestyle concept to restore and service Health. Her persistence, determination, and commitment to Holistic Healing were rewarded and UAE can now boast that it is one of the only two countries in the world who had the foresight to implement the Holistic Healing concept for a Holistic Lifestyle to achieve Health and Happiness, into it's country’s laws.

The philosophy of Dr. Ludmila continues to be the implementation of a Holistic Lifestyle to heal disease and restore health. She is working on a series of books and projects that represent her vision for Holistic Healing Medicine as a complete System for the 21st Century. Dr. Ludmila resides in Dubai and believes it to be the best place for Health regeneration & Happiness and her vision is to see Dubai recognized as the place for a Holistic Lifestyle and health and happiness.