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The Zoe Turner Podcast

MabeMedia presents The Zoe Turner Podcast. In this podcast, Zoe interviews individuals from all walks of life, each who have overcome adversity to achieve great things. Hopefully - their stories and achievements will inspire you to keep moving forward no matter what life throws your way.

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Jan 4, 2021

In today`s meditation, we will change your brain and body to look like the event has already happened. NeuroScience believes that this is possible, so much so that your body is your unconscious mind and you begin to signal new genes and new ways. Today we will step outside of that familiar feeling - we are going to move away from the comfortable - the predictable. We are going to take a step into the unknown - facilitating change commences with inhibiting the choices that you have previously made - when we stop this behaviour our life becomes uncomfortable because your body is not getting that familiar feeling - you, therefore, are beginning to signal new genes that create different patterns of behaviour. In this meditation you will teach your body a new way of thinking - you will show your body what it feels like to achieve what you desire - you will commence the training of your body to respond to the emotions of abundance. In doing so, you will be giving less attention to your old self, and you will start to follow the flow of the river instead of swimming upstream against the current. Stepping into the unknown and giving your energy to emotions of abundance. the only way to create your future is to be IN your future